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Redefining Brilliance in Cut, Clarity, and Colour

Our Story

Zircondia® was founded in 2022 with the aim of delivering the highest quality crystals in an ethical and sustainable way. Our attention to detail and use of the very latest technology ensures that each and every stone will always be made to the highest standard. This passion for brilliance is infused in every step of the process.

Zircondia Model


Zircondia Model


Zircondia Model


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Perfect Cut

Zircondia® Crystals are individually precision cut so its proportions, symmetry, and polish deliver the maximum brightness, fire, and scintillation.

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Incredible Colour

Zircondia® Crystals are created entirely colourless using cutting-edge technology. Equivalent to a perfect, and extremely rare, “D” on diamond’s colour grading scale.

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Crystal Clarity

Zircondia® Crystals are painstakingly manufactured to fit the textbook definition of perfect. Equivalent to a “Flawless” diamond grading, they have no inclusions and no blemishes.

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